Disability-Related Resources & Collections

Description: Libraries or other centers located in community organizations that house a collection of materials which may focus on a particular topic or activity such as parenting, preventive health care or woodworking; or which may be more general in nature. Staff with expertise in the subject may be available to answer questions or help people with their research. Materials may be used at the center or, in some cases, checked out and used elsewhere. (AIRS TJ-44.8100-050)

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Albuquerque, NM

Address: 2300 Menaul Blvd. NE
Albuquerque, NM 87107
Phone: 505-272-0281
Toll Free Phone: 800-552-8195
Fax: 505-925-3273
Wheelchair Accessible: No Stairs in Service Delivery Areas
Services Provided: The Center for Development and Disability CDD Information Network offers Information Specialists who can connect you to local, state, and national organizations and program resources. We also offer a specialized library with disability related books, videos, DVDs, periodicals, and journals available for check-out or onsite use by individuals with disabilities, families, healthcare professionals, school personnel, advocates, case managers, and others.

Accessibility Information
Assistive Technology Information
Comprehensive Information and Referral
Comprehensive Job Assistance Centers
Directory/Resource List Publication
Disease/Disability Information
Government Information Lines
Information Lines
Information and Referral
Shelter Information Lines
Specialized Information and Referral
State Government Information Lines
Original Source: University of New Mexico, Center for Development and Disability
Last Updated: 3/27/2019