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Studies seeking to diagnose or treat swallowing disorders, any of a variety of pathological or congenital conditions that make it difficult for the individual to swallow food normally. Symptoms include a lump in the throat, hoarseness, a sore throat, pain during swallowing, avoidance of specific foods or liquids and repeated attacks of pneumonia due to unconscious aspiration of food into the lungs. (Adapted from AIRS YF-3000.8280)

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7103 4th St Nw Bldg. F
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Chatterbox Speech Therapy, LLC offers individual and group therapy opportunities for all ages. We specialize in pediatric feeding and swallowing as well as traditional communication issues. Chatterbox Kids is an innovative group based therapy program designed to enhance progress through peer interaction in a developmentally appropriate environment. We offer diagnostic and therapeutic services in the areas of articulation, phonological disorders, language and literacy, pediatric feeding and swallowing, cleft palate, traumatic brain injury, stroke, functional living skills, and aural rehabilitation. We also offer group therapy sessions to address phonological and articulation delays Chatterbox Kids Preschool and social skills groups.

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Source: University of New Mexico, Center for Development and Disability
Last Updated: 3/18/2021