1422 Paseo de Peralta
Santa Fe, NM 87501
Phone: 505-982-5566
Toll Free Phone: 800-477-7633
Fax: 505-986-8299
Services Provided: PMS is the successor to the United Presbyterian Church's Medical Mission work in the Southwest, which began in 1901. In 1969, a New Mexico based 501C 3 nonprofit corporation was formed to ensure continuation of the mission to provide health care services to the under-served communities throughout the Southwest.

Audiological Evaluations
Auditory Integration Training
Auditory Training
Breast Examinations
Cardiac Rehabilitation
Case/Care Management
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Children's Psychiatric Inpatient Units
Children's/Adolescent Psychiatric Hospitals
Cholesterol/Triglycerides Tests
Clinical Psychiatric Evaluation
Community Mental Health Agencies
Depression Screening
Developmental Assessment
Diabetes Management Clinics
Diabetes Screening
Disease/Disability Information
General Counseling Services
Hearing Screening
Home Nursing
In Home Hospice Care
Individual Counseling
Information and Referral
Mental Health Evaluation
Mental Health Facilities
Mental Health Support Services
Nutrition Education
Occupational Therapy
Outpatient Mental Health Facilities
Parent Counseling
Pediatric Cardiology
Physical Therapy
Prenatal Care
Prenatal/Postnatal Home Visitation Programs
Psychiatric Case Management
Psychiatric Medication Monitoring
Psychiatric Rehabilitation
Sexually Transmitted Disease Screening
Specialized Counseling Services
Specialized Telecommunications Equipment
Speech Therapy
Speech and Language Evaluations
Support Groups
Transitional Mental Health Services
Source: University of New Mexico, Center for Development and Disability
Last Updated: 2/10/2020