525 Roosevelt Street
Roy, NM 87743
Phone: 575-485-2242
Fax: 575-485-2497
Services Provided: Roy Municipal School District

Adult Basic Education
Adult Education
Artificial Speech/Augmentative Communication Aids
Assistive Technology Equipment
Bilingual Education
Boards of Education
Career Counseling
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Computer Display/Output Aids
Computer Input Aids
Evaluation for Assistive Technology
Eye Screening
Hearing Aids
Information and Referral
Mental Health Related Prevention Programs
Paratransit Programs
Physical Therapy
Prevocational Training
Public Preschools
Public Special Schools
School Districts
Seating/Positioning Aids
Special Education
Special Education Assessment
Specialized Telecommunications Equipment
Speech Therapy
Student Disability Services
Substance Use Disorder Education/Prevention
Tutoring Services
Visual/Reading Aids
Vocational Education
Source: University of New Mexico, Center for Development and Disability
Last Updated: 12/11/2019