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3501 Princeton Dr NE
Albuquerque, NM 87107
Phone: 505-449-4029
Fax: 505-883-0246
Wheelchair Access: No Stairs in Service Delivery Areas
Services Provided: Adelante Enterprises has operated businesses for over 20 years by focusing on providing quality services at a competitive price. Our social enterprises operate with a dual mission -- to provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities while providing quality services for local businesses. Adelante Assembly Services and Packaging or ASAP offers shrink wrap, blister pack, convention kits, sales kits, hygiene kits, fulfillment, and a wide variety of packaging needs. Adelante ASAP provides jobs for people with disabilties in an integrated business setting. Jobs include packaging, collating, and operation of equipment including heat sealers, shrink wrap machines, and blister pack machines.

Attendant Services for People With Disabilities
Career Counseling
Centers for Independent Living
Comprehensive Disability Related Employment Programs
Developmental Disabilities Behavior Management Programs
Disability Related Center Based Employment
Employment Preparation
Group Homes for Children and Youth with Disabilities
Group Residences for Adults with Disabilities
Home Barrier Evaluation/Removal Services
Job Retraining
Job Search/Placement
Job Training Formats
Medical Equipment/Assistive Technology Donation Programs
Personal Care
Prevocational Training
Respite Care
Semi-Independent Living Residences for Adults with Disabilities
Specialized Information and Referral
Supported Employment
Supported Living Services for Adults with Disabilities
Vocational Education
Vocational Rehabilitation
Source: University of New Mexico, Center for Development and Disability
Last Updated: 3/21/2019