Address: 609 N. Butler Avenue
Farmington, NM 874016853
Phone: 505-327-9000
Services Provided: It is the right of every pregnant woman to give birth, and the right of every child to be born. Birthright services are always free, non-judgmental and confidential. We can also provide information, referrals, and resources to help the woman help herself

Baby Clothing
Baby Clothing/Diaper Donation Programs
Birth Control Counseling
Charities/Grantmaking Organizations
Child Care Provider Referrals
Childbirth Education
In Person Crisis Intervention
Information and Referral
Lawyer Referral Services
Maternity Clothing
Peer Counseling
Physician Referrals
Pregnancy Testing
Pregnancy/Childbirth Support Groups
Specialized Information and Referral
Source: University of New Mexico, Center for Development and Disability
Last Updated: 2/3/2020