Address: 2400 Second Street NW
Albuquerque, NM 87102
Phone: 505-246-8001
Wheelchair Accessible: Ramps
Services Provided: We hope that one day, no person will be hungry, lacking shelter, or without basic provisions. Until that day comes, we will help Gods homeless children through nourishing meals, spiritual guidance and other essential services that help promote self-sufficiency, dignity and independence. The Rock at NoonDay offers a small corner of peace and a promise to fill a void with nutrition, compassion and hope. The Rock provides biblical hospitality for the hungry, homeless and hurting.

At Risk/Homeless Housing Related Assistance Programs
Bathing Facilities
Charities/Grantmaking Organizations
Child and Adult Care Food Programs
Clothing Donation Programs
Clothing Warehouses
Community Clinics
Congregate Meals/Nutrition Sites
Day Shelters
Donation Management Volunteer Opportunities
Donations Distribution Volunteer Opportunities
Donations Pickup Volunteer Opportunities
Donations Sorting/Packing Volunteer Opportunities
Emergency Food
Emergency Shelter
Family Services Related Volunteer Opportunities
Food Pantries
Free School Supplies
Homeless Shelter
Housing Expense Assistance
Identification Card Fee Payment Assistance
Laundry Facilities
Legal Counseling
Maternity Clothing
Meal Delivery Volunteer Opportunities
Medical Expense Assistance
Medical Social Work
Personal Care
Personal Goods/Services
Personal/Grooming Needs
Prescription Expense Assistance
Pro Bono Legal Aid Volunteer Opportunities
Records/Licenses/Permits Fee Payment Assistance
Religious Service Projects
Rent Payment Assistance
School Supplies
Soup Kitchens
Utility Assistance
Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteer Recruitment/Placement
Winter Clothing
Work Clothing
Worship Services
Original Source: University of New Mexico, Center for Development and Disability
Last Updated: 11/7/2018