Address: 625 Silver Ave SW Suite 100
Albuquerque, NM 87102
Phone: 505-841-4519
Wheelchair Accessible: Full Wheelchair Access
Services Provided: Council members and a small staff work on ways to improve the quality of life for individuals with disabilities in New Mexico. The Council's goal is to identify the support needs of children and adults with disabilities and to advocate for the quality and availability of those supports. The Council does not provide direct services. It acts as a planning and coordinating body for New Mexicans with disabilities. The Council: Speaks out on issues affecting people with developmental disabilities, advises and educates the Governor, legislature, State agencies and service providers about the needs of people with developmental disabilities, develops a five year state plan for Council activities, reviews state plans which affect people with developmental disabilities, funds a variety of small grant projects to increase our understanding and capacity to improve quality of life of persons with developmental disabilities.The NM Office of Guardianship provides a statewide, publicly funded guardianship services program for guardians of last resort to incapacitated income and resource eligible adults.We also provide Mental Health Treatment Guardians for appointment by the courts.

Adult Guardianship Assistance
Child Guardianship Assistance
Guardianship Assistance
Individual Advocacy
Legislative Advocacy
Public Guardianship/Conservatorship Programs
Specialized Information and Referral
State Administered SSI Supplement Programs
System Advocacy
Source: University of New Mexico, Center for Development and Disability
Last Updated: 11/7/2018