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Albuquerque, NM 87113
Phone: 505-828-3837
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Wheelchair Access: No Stairs in Service Delivery Areas
Services Provided: The JumpStart Autism Center JAC is committed to providing high quality support to families and children affected by autism. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive services, which remain consistent with the national standards of Applied Behavioral Analysis ABA treatment. At JAC, ABA therapy is coordinated with the principles of Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention EIBI. Our home-, center-, and classroom-based ABA therapy allows our clients, ages 1-12, a range of specific and contextually appropriate learning opportunities to demonstrate skill acquisition across environments. Attention to current research, evidence-based practices, and precise data collection keeps our staff at the forefront of autism services in New Mexico. Our goal is seamlessness between diagnosis and treatment so that children and families can immediately begin their journeys of progress. Evaluation: JAC's psychological and neuropsychological evaluations can effectively answer a range of complex questions. We conduct evaluations for individuals 1 year to 16 years of age. We accept referrals for ASD, ADHD, Learning Disabilities, and Development Disabilities. If needed, we will complete multidisciplinary evaluations, and we can complete Independent Educational Evaluations IEEs. EIBI/ABA Therapy: JAC specializes in Early Intensive Behavioral Interventions EIBI and Applied Behavioral Analysis ABA therapy. JAC utilizes the Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program VB-MAPP to guide and monitor each child's treatment plan. We provide ABA services at our clinic, in the family's home, and in the community. ABA Services: Cognitive Skills, Adaptive Skills, Language Skills, Play Skills, Academic Skills, Motor Skills Enhanced Social Skills Groups, Training Opportunities for Parents/Families, Social Skills Groups with Concurrent Parent Training Programs, Increased Training Opportunities for Parents, Teachers, and Community Members, PECS, Precision Teaching, Intensive Behavioral Feeding Interventions, Tutoring Services in Dyads and Small Groups, Reduction of Challenging Behaviors JAC's parent training programs include: Practical elements of Parent-Child Interactive Therapy PCIT, Training on the child's specific EIBI/ABA services to promote a strong understanding of how these interventions work for the child and to ensure that they can be applied in the home, Live on-site demonstration and parent coaching, Training on managing challenging behaviors in the home and community, Parent Support Groups, Facilitation of parent support networks Consultation: JAC consultants are available for a variety of services, which focus on specific behavioral concerns and skill deficits. We focus on completing thorough Functional Behavior Assessments FBA. The consultation process consists of direct assessment e.g., VB-MAPP to provide direction for treatment/educational planning, task analyses, and IEP/IFSP goals.School Districts often request JumpStart to complete educational assessments, which accurately direct educational goals and/or to oversee the individual's ABA treatment. In this process we provide teacher training to ensure they are providing behavioral strategies in the classroom. In addition, JAC can provide School Districts compensatory education services as required by mediated decision.

Applied Behavioral Analysis
Autism Therapy
Behavior Modification
Behavioral Learning Therapy
Developmental Assessment
Developmental Disabilities Behavior Management Programs
Early Intervention for Children with Disabilities/Delays
Mental Health Evaluation
Parent/Family Involvement in Education
Play Therapy
Psychosocial Evaluation
Social Learning
Social Skills Training
Specialized Information and Referral
Source: University of New Mexico, Center for Development and Disability
Last Updated: 3/25/2019