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Services Provided: Many parents are unable to take their children to the dentist due to job constraints. Additionally, in rural areas, private dentists and clinics may be located far distances from a parents work site and/or childs school.Participa uses portable dental equipment in school settings to provide full preventive services for students. Taking dental services to children reduces the incidents of missed appointments, reduces the amount of classroom time a child misses and increases access to care. Participa is working to inform parents, school boards, local schools, etc. about the benefits of bringing preventive dental care to children. Participa coordinates with local clinics and private dental offices to ensure children needing restorative care receive the additional services that they need. With all dental professionals working for the children of New Mexico, we will, together, improve the dental health of our children.

Dental Care Referrals
Pediatric Dentistry
Referral to Dental Practitioners Accepting Medicaid
Referral to Dental Practitioners Donating Their Services
Source: University of New Mexico, Center for Development and Disability
Last Updated: 1/9/2019