Address: 407 South Schwartz Ave, Suite 102
Farmington, NM 87401
Phone: 505-848-3700
Fax: 505-848-3703
Services Provided: Pediatrix Cardiology Associates PCA is part of Pediatrix Medical Group. Pediatrix is the country's largest provider of pediatric cardiology services, with over 100 physicians providing care in 8 states and 13 metropolitan communities including Denver, Phoenix, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Miami and Albuquerque. PCA is New Mexico's comprehensive provider of pediatric cardiac services to infants, children and young adults. Our physicians have been serving New Mexico since 1976 and we are affiliated with New Mexico's only providers of infant and pediatric cardiac surgical procedures. We offer a robust and contemporary interventional catheterization program see below. We also provide comprehensive arrhythmia and pacemaker services. PCA operates a comprehensive community-based outreach clinic system, allowing children to be followed in one of 6 communities outside Albuquerque. We are affiliated with Presbyterian Hospital, New Mexico's largest tertiary care hospital and the hospital most preferred for overall quality and patient satisfaction for the last 10 years. It is home to the Presbyterian Heart Center and the Presbyterian Children's Center.Clinical CardiologyExtensive outreach clinicsFetal, transesophageal & transthoracic echocardiographyFetal & perinatal cardiologyExercise testingCardiac MRIComplex arrhythmia treatmentPacemaker & ICD servicesRadiofrequency ablationCardiovascular intensive careAdult congenital heart diseaseCardiac CatheterizationDiagnostic catheterizationCatheter-based therapy-PDA, ASD, patent foramen ovale closure, stentsNon-surgical pulmonary valve insertionLargest interventional volumesSuperior interventional resultsCardiac SurgeryAffiliated with New Mexico's only pediatric cardiac surgical programNeonatal repairsECMOAnnual surgical volume greater than national averageExcellent outcomes relative to national benchmarksServices unique to PCA among pediatric cardiology providers in New Mexico

Cardiac Rehabilitation
Heart Monitors
Pediatric Cardiology
Original Source: University of New Mexico, Center for Development and Disability
Last Updated: 1/10/2019