Resources of the Month 2017

UCCCN Jan 2017 Resources of the Month (PDF Document 310 KB)
Presentation: Shriners Car Seat Specialty Clinic
Cases: Transition of a 22 y/o with CP needing an adult provider; shortage of home health private duty nurses and ways to pay them, extend length of benefits creatively.
UCCCN Feb 2017 Resources of the Month (PDF Document 3.5 MB)
Presentation: Utah State Division of Rehabilitation, discussing Student Transition and Youth Support.
Cases: in-home help needed for respite care; mental/behavioral health help for tween & teen with depression and other serious issues.
UCCCN March 2017 Learning Session Summary (PDF Document 131 KB)
Annual Learning Session: The topic was “Collaborating on Care Coordination.” Representatives from SelectHealth, Healthy U, Health Choice, Molina and Primary Specialty Services made up the panels.
UCCCN April 2017 Resources of the Month (PDF Document 303 KB)
Presentations: Janet Wade, Family Support & Transition Services, Easter Seals-Goodwill NRM (Early Intervention Provo, Wiggly Worm Sensory Processing classes, Peer Connections-Discovery prgm) and Jaycee Voorhees, Harmony Music Therapy for CYSHCN.
Cases: Resources needed for a parent after a sexual assault; support needed for grandparents as parents. New resource: SelectHealth Respiratory services offers travel assistance if the family must fly/travel.
UCCCN May 2017 Resources of the Month (PDF Document 2.2 MB)
Presentation: Carol Anderson from Utah State Board of Education on Behavioral interventions and supports in schools.
Cases: 15-year-old girl from outside the US, diagnosed with deafness around age 3, cared for by her grandmother, need a diagnosis beyond deafness to get SSI and more options, some cultural issues; 7-year-old with Downs syndrome, mom wants to apply for SSI.
UCCCN June 2017 Resources of the Month (PDF Document 3.0 MB)
Presentation: Jaron Poulson, CFP on Special Needs Planning. Update on the Utah Developmental Assessment Clinics moving to Primary Children's Outpatient Services.
Cases: patient with a trach and G-tube, family moving to Fresno, need MediCal 2017 to be already in place, and a physician commitment; need an affordable caregiver and/or respite for family with autistic child.
UCCCN July 2017 Resources of the Month (PDF Document 3.0 MB)
Presentation: Paige Albrecht from UPC and Julia Pearce from UCAT on how Assistive Technology can help with Mental Healthcare Needs for Youth with Dual Diagnoses. Updates on University Developmental Assessment Center, Shriners Special Needs Car Seat Clinic, and the Medical Home Portal's survey of adult care providers for transitioning youth.
Cases: how parents can be clear on what durable medical and therapies their insurance covers to avoid frustration and paying out of pocket.
UCCCN August 2017 Resources of the Month (PDF Document 4.9 MB)
Presentation: Stephanie Roach, Utah Parent Center on Answers to Your IEP & 504 Questions.
Cases: child patient is typical, mother has complex medical needs, father is looking for childcare financial support; available telehealth services to help kids living out of state; single mom with three adopted special needs children, ages 16, 20, 21, in mobile home trailer, all with severe medical problems, needing SSI and equipment.
UCCCN September 2017 Resources of the Month (PDF Document 4.8 MB)
Presentation: Colin Kingsbury, CSHCN Bureau, UDOH, talking about the new Autism System Development Program.
Case: a 9 year old pleasuring herself in the classroom - the behavior is becoming an issue.
UCCCN October 2017 Resources of the Month (PDF Document 1.3 MB)
Presentation: the Utah Asthma Program: Brittany Guerra; the Utah Asthma Home Visiting Program: Tiffany Brinton; the Association for Utah Community Health: Starr Stratford; and UPIQ's Asthma Learning Collaborative: Gabi Baraghoshi. Discussion about asthma resources for Utah pediatric practices.
No cases.
UCCCN Nov 2017 Resources of the Month (PDF Document 76 KB)
Presentation: Claudia Fruin, MD on Increasing Lead Screening in Utah.
Cases: a single homeless mom about to have another baby, needs a new place to live in January; an uninsured infant, Medicaid application dragging on for 4 months, bureaucratic loops.
UCCCN Dec 2017 Resources of the Month (PDF Document 93 KB)
Tomoko Tsukamoto, MSN, RN and David Robles, LCSW, from Pediatric Specialty Services (PSS) Connector Program, Primary Children's Hospital.
Cases: an update on soon-to-be homeless mom with past abuse, must move out on Jan. 1, undocumented, has a 6 yr old w autism; several 30 year olds with no adult care doctor, their pediatricians will retire soon; a 14 yr old with traumatic brain injury, visual and cognitive impairment, Salt Lake area.

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