Resources of the Month 2018

UCCCN Jan 2018 Resources of the Month (PDF Document 55 KB)
Presentation:Dr. Shannon Wnek about the UDOH Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) program and resources.
Case: Update - single mom with 3 adopted children with special needs is getting needed help - emergency DSPD, new PCP, wheelchair and lift coming.
UCCCN Feb 2018 Resources of the Month (PDF Document 5.7 MB)
Presentation: Group discussion on organizations that help fund medical expenses.
Cases: How insurance decisions can be overturned with persistence and the right information and language; a family that received a modified van from Active Re-entry; PCH holds G-tube classes for parents and could for care managers, too.
UCCCN March 2018 Learning Session Summary (PDF Document 66 KB)
Annual Learning Session: The topic was "Care Coordination: What Families Value"
UCCCN April 2018 Resources of the Month (PDF Document 125 KB)
Presentation:Utah 2018 Legislative wrap up of healthcare and CYSHCN related bills, plus a recap of the March Learning Session on "Care Coordination: What Families Value"
Cases:Spanish speaking family on SSI with two sons on autism spectrum with very concerning issues; positive update on a homeless mom and her son with autism; 6 yr old with worsening seizures, has a SAMI (Smart Activity Monitor for individuals) monitoring device, but can’t afford Wifi.
UCCCN May 2018 Resources of the Month (PDF Document 80 KB)
Presentation:Panel discussion by care coordinators and parent partners from Summit Pediatrics, Integrated Services Program and Utah Family Voices about meeting families where they are. Also, the South Main Clinic Office Manager on Improving Medical Home and Care Coordination within a pediatric practice.
Cases:Two successes: 6 yr old boy with type 1 diabetes struggling with school, problematic 504/medical plan, ISP and UPC reps attended IEP mtg and resolved many issues; insurance care manager got a teenager to a first-time PC appointment, already had a care plan with daily management and specialists.
UCCCN June 2018 Resources of the Month (PDF Document 99 KB)
Presentation:Presentation by Andrea Hood of Utah Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health on Suicide Prevention.
Cases:mom needing post-op details for 7 mo with planned ASD/VSD surgery; young adult about to turn 18 with autism, bipolar, ODD, needing mental health services; 6 yo with autism and other diagnoses including behavioral issues, police and DCFS involved.
UCCCN July 2018 Resources of the Month (PDF Document 71 KB)
Presentation:Claire Behnke, DPT from the Special Needs Car Seat Clinic at Shriners Hospitals for Children - Salt Lake City.
Cases:Successful use of integrated mental health in pediatric practice to avoid teen hospitalization; teen new to Utah, planning to attend a charter school, needing autism neuropsych eval.
UCCCN August 2018 Resources of the Month (PDF Document 125 KB)
Presentation:Presentation by Stephanie Roach from the Utah Parent Center on Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) and Section 504 accommodation plans.
Cases:Case was a child who needs to access the county's Asthma Home Visiting program. Two QI wins: success in SelectHealth streamlining pediatric referrals to sleep clinics; Alpine Pediatrics successfully integrated a full time mental/behavioral health provider.
UCCCN September 2018 Resources of the Month (PDF Document 124 KB)
Presentation : the PCH Connector Service, and panel discussion on what OT/PT/SLP therapy can do for CYSHCN. Therapists from Intermountain, Shriners and UDAC. Cases : working with divorced parents with young child with special needs; finding neuropsych resources in rural Utah for Native American families; 9 children with various mental health issues and very difficult family and financial situation needs resources.
UCCCN October 2018 Resources of the Month (PDF Document 162 KB)
Presentation : the Utah Asthma Program, Salt Lake County Asthma Home Visiting Program, and UPIQ on Asthma Resources and Programs.
Cases : mental health counseling for parents of kids w complex needs, in northern Utah County; a shout out to Utah Center for Assistive Technology who quickly developed some technology for a deaf mom of a technology-dependent baby to alert her if alarm sounded.
UCCCN November 2018 Resources of the Month (PDF Document 138 KB)
Presentation : Beth Nordfors of Rainbow Kids: Hospice, Palliative Care & Goal Planning. Focus: the best quality of life for the child for as long as possible, based on the child’s and family’s goals, which are held paramount.
Cases : Uber Health and Lyft Business Healthcare for non-emergency travel to Intermountain facilities, through their social work department; a child returning to a public school after attending a private one may not have all the protections and services in place from a previous IEP;Busy Bee Pediatrics has been certified a Patient-Centered Medical Home by NCQA.
UCCCN December 2018 Resources of the Month (PDF Document 139 KB)
Presentation: Dusty Frisby, RN, Care Coordinator and Liz Wall, Parent Partner, Summit Pediatrics, and Gina Money, Utah Family Voices on Transition to Adult Medical Care.
Case: Huntsman Cancer Institute, working with adolescent 13-18 yo cancer patients whose treatment affects fertility, often with time constraints. Insurance currently doesn’t cover the cost of preserving the sperm/eggs related to cancer treatment.

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